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helping you feel better about your body one video at a time

Hello, my loves! I appreciate you so much for checking out my page. My name is Clara and I'm here because I want people to realize the beauty they've always had so we could all learn to love ourselves a bit more. I hope my content will inspire you to become more confident so you can embrace your unique, beautiful self!

You are absolutely amazing and you are on this earth to enjoy life and be proud of who you are. Be kinder and more gentle with yourself, and treat other people the same way! :)

Fun Facts about me:

(answering your most asked questions ;)

DOB: Aug 29, 1998

Zodiac sign: Virgo/ Leo (I feel more like a Leo)

Height: 5'6 (167 cm)

Weight: 95 lbs (43kg)

Ethnicity: Vietnamese 

Where I live: Toronto, Canada

My first Yotube video: Feb 2019

My first Tiktok video:   Jan 2020

Water Ripple
Clara Dao edgy outfit in grafitti wall
Clara Dao wearing boho outfit in the grass
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